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Taking down Mr. Big

How far is too far when it comes to obtaining a confession? When does an undercover investigation cross the line from being “skillful police work” to coercion and entrapment? Can […]

25th Anniversary of Arts One at UBC

A prefatory comment from Professor Rowan…. Re-reading this 22 years later (2013) leaves me still confident of the relevance of its message.  I change nothing, though my uneasiness concerning the […]

Update: Equal Citizenship for All Canadians

C-24 Threatens Equal Citizenship In February the federal government put forward Bill C-24, introducing sweeping changes to Canada’s citizenship laws. This new law will turn Canadian citizenship law upside down, […]

Ready for takeoff?

An important victory in an important case south of the border last week – a federal court in Oregon struck down the US government’s redress procedure for challenging inclusion on […]