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Join as a Pro Bono Lawyer

Join our diverse and talented community roster of pro bono lawyers. Pro bono counsel are absolutely integral to the BCCLA’s litigation work and our ability to be involved in a broad range of important constitutional and human rights cases.

The BCCLA is the oldest and most active civil liberties and human rights group in Canada. The BCCLA has been advancing human rights and civil liberties through litigation, law reform, community-based legal advocacy, and public engagement and education for the last half century.

Pro bono lawyers help us by providing exceptional legal assistance in our groundbreaking test case litigation – from Little Sisters, to Carter, to challenging solitary confinement – and over 100 precedent-setting legal interventions at all levels of court. Though we are based in BC, our work is national in scope with legal interventions and law reform advocacy across the country.

We welcome lawyers from diverse backgrounds who work with or are interested in working with the social justice community and/or communities of lived experience.

If you would be interested in potentially working with us on an intervention, or letting us consult with you on cases or issues in your practice area, fill out this form today.


Give your time and expertise to advance human rights and civil liberties!