Coming Together in Memory and Hope

This is a defining moment in the epic legal battle the BC Civil Liberties Association has been waging for over four years to decriminalize physician assisted dying. Tomorrow, on October 15, […]

UN Security Council Resolution 2178

October 2014 Last week, as the first wave of airstrikes were being launched against ISIL (or IS, or ISIS, depending on the naming convention being used), the UN Security Council […]

Volunteer with us!

We’re looking for four Communications and Development Volunteers! Apply by August 26! Read more.

Taking down Mr. Big

How far is too far when it comes to obtaining a confession? When does an undercover investigation cross the line from being “skillful police work” to coercion and entrapment? Can […]

25th Anniversary of Arts One at UBC

A prefatory comment from Professor Rowan…. Re-reading this 22 years later (2013) leaves me still confident of the relevance of its message.  I change nothing, though my uneasiness concerning the […]