Today, Prime Minister, take this important step to end torture

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No TortureToday, on International Human Rights Day, Canadian groups have joined together in an open letter calling on the Prime Minister to put Canada back in the global effort to end torture around the world.

On the day that marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention against Torture Canada we are calling on Canada to adopt the Optional Protocol that establishes systems for the inspection of detention centres.

Under the systems established by the Optional Protocol, inspections can identify and expose conditions that permit and encourage torture to take place. The Protocol seeks to pierce the shroud of secrecy that allows torture to continue at such alarming rates around the world.

There are countries where torture is rampant and laws and institutions are inadequate to prevent torture and monitor detention facilities. Amnesty International, for example, has documented torture in 141 countries in the last five years. Canada needs to be party to the Optional Protocol in order to push for this mechanism that has great promise for torture prevention.

Ratification of the Optional Protocol will also strengthen oversight of detention centres in Canada in a manner that brings consistency across the country. It will also bring scrutiny to detention centres that are currently not subject to independent oversight, such as immigration detention centres operated by the Canadian Border Services Agency.

When Canada’s government stood for election to the UN Human Rights Council in 2006 they pledged to consider ratifying the Optional Protocol if elected. Canada was elected and served a three year term but did not ratify. When Canada was reviewed by the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review process in 2009 it was again promised that Canada would consider ratifying the inspection protocol. This still has not happened.

As the world marks the 30th anniversary of the Convention against Torture against a tragic and disappointing backdrop of a continuing worldwide torture crisis; it is about stepping up and getting it done. Today, Prime Minister Harper, commit to taking this important step to ending torture.

Read our open letter to the Prime Minister 


One thought on “Today, Prime Minister, take this important step to end torture

  1. Nratnam Kan
    [email protected]

    There are covert crimes being committed against innocent and virtually defenseless Canadian Citizens and Citizens of other countries as well. I am one of these persons. These crimes all follow a similar pattern and are advanced technology based. I have been chosen, under covert surveillance of my residence, and Gang stalking where I go. The tactics and technology used on targets have been pulled out of these various programs.

    The Report of CIA torture says some facts of ill treatment, similar way Canada Too. CIA Torture techniques use under covert technology 24/7 unconditional surveillance over the world and Canada. This is way to me they practice modern weapons. But we all need more voices to bring the investigation. The UN and USA, Canada have convention torture, international Law but these are the counties practice torture very simply and regulating their veto in the event of mass atrocities. Torture makes news every day but the individual stories or no voice to stop to
    Free from atrocities.

    We live in the long Shadow of a Threatened life. Discrimination distinction exclusion and marginalization on several grounds threaten the peacefulness. In Canada stalking , torture , Convention Against torture , terrorism Law , other bills of criminal law all were in Power Full Law. But In my daily activity I cannot walk or travel in the bus or sleep at home peacefully. The spy agents or Gang members continuing criminal and sexual harassment not allowing RIGHT TO LIVE. They practice this Torture and stalking, inflicting lawfully and publically. I cannot bring any complaint any of the preps or gang members because they have been worked under spy agents. Police try to put some trouble to victim side. The Doctors want to ignore the victim complaint and Health and legal practices are harming instead of heal. These all became after the privacy violation by the Government. The current or proposed surveillance laws and practice is violating to live to free and die to free. After the surveillance 24/7 my life is like ball. Is in Drug dealer and gang members, murderer’s hand? The Government is responsible for this. What I read the news is proofing that control under The US Drug enforcement administration.
    I have been tortured more than six years as my physical and mental state. Causing severe physical and mental pain and suffering. I am under 24/7 nonconsensual human experimentation program. I am a Canadian Spy Agents bring the excuse as security system and targeting the innocents like me in my 61 years man who have been in Canada Since 1991 Without any history of criminal activities whatsoever and devoid of association with any unruly elements. My name has been flagged in wrong place and information has been indiscriminately distributed. The Canadian authority passed the false and damaging information to countries visited and the Air Ports. Foreign agents to keep an eye and torture me, a peace loving innocent Citizen The Global surveillance on me is a misconduct of power and a wasteful exercise. My internationally protected rights are being violated by another state. Information provide to foreign country to practice the torture not only violating international law and also eliminating the whole liberty to live anywhere at least. I had the experience The Canadian intelligent service made these circumstances for me when I visited in other countries. The Canadian Government failed to take any measure to ensure independent review of my case as Canadian citizen who is under go torture or ill treatment in the past six years. The Government has no intention to identify misuse of Energy weaponry and accountability of the security.
    • Urge the Federal Government when the torture Compliant must take in account and independent inquiry and redress.
    • The security apparatus (NSA) used without any relates to the legal frame work applicable and it clearly given alarm that been threat to the public privacy and life. State is failing in its ability to provide security for my life.
    • Human rights impact of the Surveillance energy weaponry practice violated the Rules and principles of international Law.
    • Transparency and Accountability failing to ensure the laws regulations activities, power and authorities related to communication surveillances adhere to international human rights law and standers.
    As a Human Rights defender a day of Human Rights, I urge you to publicly call for research /study investigation and take the necessary steps to achieve it. . The grassroots Organization to consider the normal individual persons became under state circumstance of torture situation and their Rights to apply modify rules ensuring access to complaints procedures under ISTANBUL PROTOCOL PLAN Action. With a frame work of the rule of Law, Maximum transparency and respect for Democracy and human rights. Adopting the recommendations outlined above would be a first step in that direction. The Global of inquiry or Voice would be to prevent more crimes or torture.