Federal Sex Work Laws Consultation

For more than 35 years the BC Civil Liberties Association has maintained that the exchange of sex for money should not be criminalized. The Supreme Court’s decision in December 2013 to […]

Border Police in Dire Need of Independent Oversight

By Josh Paterson and Leslie Stalker Death of a Mexican woman held by Canada Border Services Agency in Vancouver airport highlights the need for independent review. Human rights organizations concerned […]

Fighting For the Free Internet

Tomorrow, the BC Civil Liberties Association and OpenMedia.ca will take part in a social media town hall on the subject of spying. As organizations concerned about privacy, and aware of the expansive […]

The Day The World Fought Back

In the last year, the world has learned that mass surveillance by governments knows no bounds. Today, February 11th, internet users around the world are standing together. Today, individuals, civil […]