UN Security Council Resolution 2178

October 2014 Last week, as the first wave of airstrikes were being launched against ISIL (or IS, or ISIS, depending on the naming convention being used), the UN Security Council […]

Taking down Mr. Big

How far is too far when it comes to obtaining a confession? When does an undercover investigation cross the line from being “skillful police work” to coercion and entrapment? Can […]

Ready for takeoff?

An important victory in an important case south of the border last week – a federal court in Oregon struck down the US government’s redress procedure for challenging inclusion on […]

Who belongs?

One hundred years ago today, the Komagata Maru arrived in Burrard Inlet, not far from where the BCCLA offices are in present-day Vancouver. The ship carried 376 passengers from Punjab, […]

One more birthday in Guantánamo

 *Update* Omar Khadr was finally repatriated to Canada on September 29. Under Canadian law, he will be eligible for release under parole by June 2013. But his return does not mean […]

In the Mind of the Minister

On Thursday, former Minister of Public Safety Stockwell Day appeared in a Vancouver courtroom to testify in Mohammad Mahjoub’s ongoing challenge to his security certificate. The BCCLA National Security Blog […]