Bill C-51 submissions, redux

  This week, the Senate’s Standing Committee on National Security and Defence continues its pre-study of Bill C-51, while an amended version of the Bill proceeds to third reading in […]

Elephants in the court

The good news first Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down mandatory minimum sentences for crimes involving prohibited and restricted firearms in its ruling on R. v. Nur and R. v. Charles.  […]

Wait… there’s more!

  Much of the public discussion about Bill C-51 has focused on its implications for rights to protest and dissent, and with good reason – between the proposed Security of […]

Accountability now

  This morning, a veritable who’s who of Canada’s leading jurists and public officials issued a powerful statement  calling for robust national security review and oversight. This case for accountability […]

Shared Histories – the US, Canada and torture

This week, the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released the declassified 499-page Executive Summary of its still-classified 6,700-page study on the CIA torture program from 2001 to 2009. […]