No Gag: An Update

The Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in BC FIPA v. AGBC on January 26, 2017. We told you about this case in another blog post back in October, […]

Border rights: what you need to know

Like many of you, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my rights at the border. In light of reports that numerous Canadians have been refused entry to the United […]

Shut the frack up!

 Update: This morning the decision in Jessica Ernst’s case was delivered. In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Jessica Ernst cannot use the Charter to hold an […]

Water is Life

  110. That’s how many people died in the Lower Mainland during a one-week heat wave in 2009 – a 40% increase in mortality compared to an average week. And […]

Getting Charter rights right

The BCCLA has been in court a LOT over the past several years. We’ve launched challenges to the prohibition on physician assisted dying, indefinite solitary confinement and second-class citizenship, and […]

Election Shenanigans

On Saturday, I volunteered as an observer at one of the advance election polls. I watched hundreds of people wait in line to cast their ballot, and it was pretty […]

A tough week for voting rights

Recently, the Ontario courts issued two important decisions affecting Canadians’ constitutionally protected right to vote. The decisions are troubling. Between them, the rulings will effectively disenfranchise over a million Canadian […]