Brigadier-General Laroche: “We had evidence that detainees were abused and tortured”

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Today, the Military Police Complaints Commission heard testimony from Brigadier-General Guy Laroche, Commander of the Task Force in Afghanistan from November 2007 to May 2008. As we mentioned yesterday, BGen Laroche was Commander in Afghanistan when detainee transfers were suspended in … Read More

This week at the MPCC

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The Afghanistan Public Interest Hearings at the Military Police Complaints Commission continue this week before a month-long break while the Commission waits for the government to make the required document disclosures. BCCLA Counsel Carmen Cheung is in Ottawa again this … Read More

Meanwhile, back at the MPCC …

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Busy day on the document disclosure front.  Earlier, we recapped the goings-on in Parliament, in which the Speaker of the House of Commons ruled that government was in breach of parliamentary privilege by refusing to comply with the House’s order … Read More