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MPCC Update

We were reminded by a reader over the weekend that it’s been a while since we’ve updated you on the goings-on at the MPCC.  As we mentioned a few posts back, the MPCC hearings looked to be suspended over the summer pending document disclosure from the Department of Justice.  After some back and forth between the Commission, its lawyers, and counsel for the parties and witnesses, it appears that the MPCC will convene for only two days this summer, and then hear from the remaining witnesses in the fall (this includes the continuation of B-Gen. Laroche’s testimony).

As for who’s up this summer, we’ll finally be hearing from CEFCOM Political Advisor Gabrielle Duschner on June 14.  Ms. Duschner had originally been scheduled to testify in April, though her appearance was adjourned after the DOJ (on the night before she was scheduled to appear) informed the MPCC that the government still had not disclosed documents relevant to her testimony.  On June 15, we’re hearing from former DFAIT official Nicholas Gosselin again.  You may recall that in April, he testified that there were additional reports of detainee abuse after transfers were halted in November 2007.  Our counsel Paul Champ will be on hand in Ottawa to examine these witnesses, and so check back here for our report.