Deportation Is Not Entertainment

On March 21, 2013 the BCCLA filed a formal complaint with the federal Privacy Commissioner on behalf of a migrant worker who had been filmed for the Canada Border Services Agency’s […]

A National ID Card by Stealth? The BC Services Card

This year-long project has researched the policy environment and privacy implications associated with the BC Services Card. The card, which replaces the “outdated” health CareCard, proposes to join the driver’s […]

The “Death” of Bill C-30

First We Dance; Then We Gear Up for Battle with the Zombies… Time to celebrate! Here at the BCCLA, we were out dancing in the streets and sharing virtual hi-fives […]

IdleNoMore: Indigenous Rights are Human Rights

As the IdleNoMore movement marches on nationwide, in a vibrant demonstration of the free expression that is at the core of democracy, we share the conviction that the rights of […]