Nine Things You Need to Know about Bill C-59

Weighing in at a daunting 139 pages, Bill C-59 – the government’s sweeping new proposals for reforms to national security law – include some welcome changes, but also many serious […]

Making Privacy Meaningful in a Digital Age

By Kassie Seaby, University of Ottawa Law Student and BCCLA Volunteer, and Raji Mangat, BCCLA Counsel It is beyond trite to say that we live in a digital age. For […]

The Ethics of Drones

We are pleased to announce that BCCLA’s Policy Director Micheal Vonn will be a panellist at the ViPS Public Lecture The Ethics of Drones: A Panel Discussion on Tuesday, November […]

CBSA Refusal of Consent Form FAQ

Tell Border Security: “I Do Not Consent” Being present at border crossings should not mean consent to being filmed for any purpose related to making a television series. It is an […]

British Columbia Information Summit

This Time, It’s Personal: Freedom of Information & Privacy Under Government 2.0.   The BC Government has begun implementing its sweeping “Citizens @ The Center: Government 2.0” initiative. Meant to […]