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CBSA Refusal of Consent Form FAQ

Tell Border Security: “I Do Not Consent”

Being present at border crossings should not mean consent to being filmed for any purpose related to making a television series. It is an infringement of privacy rights for the government or its partners to film and to use or disclose personal images or any information for the purposes of entertainment or “public information”, or to make any kind of television show or other broadcast.

One easy step, right here:


Sign the BCCLA’s Refusal and Revocation of Consent form so the show’s producers, broadcasters, and CBSA know you do not consent to be being for this TV show when you cross the border!


Frequently Asked Questions:

These responses have been adapted from our partners at http://www.cancelbordersecurity.ca/

Why should I sign this “I do not consent” form?

Most “Border Security” episodes take place at border crossings and airports. In many cases, people crossing the border appear as main subjects or in the background of this show while under the control of law enforcement and/or without giving full, free and informed consent.

We want thousands of people to tell the show’s producers, broadcasters and CBSA that we care about our privacy and do not ever want to appear on this show in any form whatsoever.

 ​Is this “I do not consent” form effective?

The show relies on being able to capture people’s images – whether as main subjects or as background images, sometimes blurred and sometimes not – for the show. The more people that sign this form the harder it will be for this disgusting reality TV show to film freely at the border and the harder it will be to exploit people in vulnerable situations.

​Imagine this: If we all legally refuse to be on their show, who can they film? Our refusal to consent is not just symbolic, it has tangible consequences that directly challenges the ability of this show to continue with filming/business-as-usual. ​

​Is this “I do not consent” form confidential?

Your information will be kept confidential by the BC Civil Liberties Association, who are hosting this campaign. They will be sharing your information only to the extent necessary to notify CBSA and the show’s producers and broadcasters about your refusal to consent to being filmed. You can also opt-in to receive updates from Cancel Border Security Coalition.

​Who should sign this “I do not consent” form?

  • You!
  • Anyone who has ever crossed the border.
  • Anyone who plans on crossing the border.

​So basically you should sign this form. And anyone and everyone else, so tell your friends, family, coworkers, community members.  You can tell a friend about this form here:

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Further Resources

Cancel Border Security Coalition – Information on the broader campaign to stop the CBSA from producing this reality TV show that violates people’s rights.