Canadian Forces’ U-Turn: Detainee was abused

It’s interesting that General Walter Natynczyk wasn’t briefed on the case that the BCCLA and Amnesty International launched against the Canadian Forces in 2007. If he had been, he wouldn’t […]

Torture hearings liveblog: Peter MacKay

Today is the last session of the Special Committee on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan before Parliament closes shop for the year. It promises to be an explosive day of […]

Proof of detainee abuse

Today, the Globe and Mail’s Paul Koring reported on evidence contradicting Defence Minister Peter MacKay’s repeated assertions that there has never been proof that Canadian-transferred detainees were abused by Afghan […]

Richard Colvin Documents

Welcome to the BCCLA’s National Security blog.  Right now, we’re tracking the Afghan detainee hearings in Parliament and will be providing commentary and updates as testimony progresses. Today, documents that […]