Khadr: a “trial” by any other name

A spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper said today that the federal government will not seek Omar Khadr’s repatriation, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling last week that the government has […]

Khadr decision: what it means

Today the Supreme Court of Canada issued its decision in Prime Minister of Canada, et al. v. Omar Ahmed Khadr. The practical outcome is that, for now, the government does […]

Read this: “The Guantanamo ‘Suicides’”

Photo: takomabibelot In an upcoming article in the March issue of Harper’s, Scott Horton reports on a possible (and ongoing) cover-up of the circumstances surrounding the death of three Guantanamo […]

Seeing through airport scanner rhetoric

The BCCLA unpacks the Canadian response to the Underwear Bomber, pointing out critical flaws in the body scanning machines that will be appearing in Canadian airports in the near future. […]

Another blow to the security certificate system

photo / mvcorks While the Parliamentary inquiry into the treatment of Afghan detainees may be dominating the headlines, the government’s security certificate system received another blow last week when the […]

Photo of the day: Empty chairs (UPDATED)

Empty chairs, courtesy CBC Conservative MPs boycotted the Tuesday emergency meeting of the parliamentary committee looking into allegations that Canadian Forces transferred Afghan detainees to torture. The seven Conservative MPs […]

Colvin’s rebuttal

This morning, Richard Colvin delivered a 16-page letter to the Special Committee on Afghanistan, setting out additional evidence and rebutting his government critics. The letter is worth reading in its […]

What’s behind the black boxes?

Aaron Wherry over at MacLean’s was sharp enough to spot the difference between the version of a report cited by General Walter Natynczyk in his press conference on Wednesday morning […]