Khadr ruling(s)

Predictably enough, the Government has appealed Mr. Justice Zinn’s decision last week, which found that the Government needed take further steps to cure its ongoing violation of Omar Khadr’s constitutional rights.  […]

Khadr, cont’d

A fair bit of news about Omar Khadr this week.  News outlets reported last evening that Omar Khadr has fired his American civilian attorneys, Barry Coburn and Kobie Flowers, to […]

Omar Khadr update

As Omar Khadr’s August trial date approaches, his Edmonton lawyers Dennis Edney and Nathan Whitling have applied for judicial review of the government’s actions following the Supreme Court ruling in […]

No dice

The MPCC isn’t in session today, which means that we at the BCCLA national security blog can turn our attention to other matters in our portfolio. Earlier this week, Lt.-Col. […]

Khadr: a “trial” by any other name

A spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper said today that the federal government will not seek Omar Khadr’s repatriation, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling last week that the government has […]

Khadr decision: what it means

Today the Supreme Court of Canada issued its decision in Prime Minister of Canada, et al. v. Omar Ahmed Khadr. The practical outcome is that, for now, the government does […]

Read this: “The Guantanamo ‘Suicides’”

Photo: takomabibelot In an upcoming article in the March issue of Harper’s, Scott Horton reports on a possible (and ongoing) cover-up of the circumstances surrounding the death of three Guantanamo […]