BCCLA’s Written Submission to the Consultation on Canada’s National Security Framework

The BCCLA is pleased to make this submission to the Consultation on Canada’s National Security Framework. We have commented in various fora as a part of this consultation process and this document summarizes many of our positions on the matters being addressed in the consultation.

In this document we address:

  • The need to repeal the dangerous and unjustified powers granted by Bill C-51;
  • The need to respond to the crisis of accountability in national security with a three-tiered accountability framework;
  • The need to include efficacy review in the accountability framework;
  • The need to repeal the Ministerial Directions allowing for the sharing of information derived from or likely to lead to torture;
  • The need to ensure Canadian citizens are protected against foreign prosecutions relying on evidence derived from torture;
  • The need to bring appropriate judicial oversight to the activities of the Canadian Security Establishment (“CSE”);
  • Recommendations with respect to new digital investigative powers and procedures; and
  • The need to end the culture of impunity with respect to law-breaking by national security agencies and to squarely address the issue of the appropriateness and effectiveness of bulk data surveillance and data analytics in the national security context.

Read the full Written Submission here.

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