Legitimizing torture

This morning, Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger signed a committal order for Hassan Diab’s extradition to France, based primarily on handwriting evidence that Mr. Justice Maranger himself described as […]

A lifetime of suspicion

Yet another story has emerged in the wake of the recent WikiLeaks disclosures illustrating how Canada shares intelligence on Canadian citizens and residents with the United States. In today’s Globe […]

Can a bad reason be better than no reason at all?

Over the weekend, the New York Times, National Public Radio, and the UK’s Guardian released hundreds of documents profiling past and current detainees at Guantanamo Bay. These materials are part […]

Shake-up at the Military Police

Yesterday, the Canadian Press reported that the Canadian Forces provost marshal — the head of the military police — will be granted more direct authority over all members of the […]

In solitary

While the BCCLA National Security Blog usually limits itself to commentary on Canadian conduct, we think it’s worth discussing the detention of Bradley Manning, the U.S. army private accused of […]

Torture in the court

Today, an Ottawa judge permitted the use of handwriting evidence (evidence that he himself described as “problematic” and “confusing”) in support of France’s bid to extradite Canadian citizen Hassan Diab. […]

Protecting children in war

In December, the BCCLA and Amnesty International Canada sent a letter to Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay, calling on the DND to ensure that children being captured by Canadian […]

Can we hold you for a while?

Yesterday, BCCLA Counsel Carmen Cheung appeared before the House of Commons Committee on Public Safety and National Security to present the BCCLA’s position on Bill C-17, legislation seeking to resurrect […]