Refusal & Revocation of Permission to Use and Disclose Personal Information

 Survey If you have crossed the border recently or if you plan to travel to the United States, you might be a part of the Border Security TV show without even knowing it. Protect your privacy rights by letting Canada Border Services Agency know that you refuse your permission to have your private travel featured on reality TV.

Take a few minutes to complete all 4 sections and the BC Civil Liberties Association will communicate your refusal or revocation of consent to the appropriate entities.

If you wish to submit this refusal of consent to the BCCLA in hard copy, you can download the form here.

More information about this initiative can be found here.

1. Your Experience at the Border

To: Canada Border Services Agency, Force Four Entertainment, Shaw Media, BST Media Inc., BST Media 2, the National Geographic Channel

I do not consent to be filmed or for my personal information to be used in the “Border Security” television show.

This revocation of consent supersedes any releases, consents, oral or written, that previously has been or might in the future be obtained from me while I am at a border crossing and/or under the control of CBSA, RCMP or other law enforcement.

I hereby state explicitly (IMPORTANT: please check off one or all statements that apply to you):

2. Your contact information

A#A #A#

3. Refusal of Permission Statement

Refusal of Permission to Use and Disclose My Personal Information - Statement

I am aware that the Canada Border Services Agency is collaborating with private companies, including BST Media Inc., BST Media 2, Force Four Entertainment, Shaw, the National Geographic Channel, and potentially others, to make a television show called “Border Security”.

I am aware that at certain border crossings, signs are currently posted which tell travelers:
“Please be advised that BST Media 2 Inc. is filming scenes and background material in this area, for use in a television documentary series about border security and the Canada Border Services Agency. You will not be identifiable in the series without your permission. If you are in the background while others are being filmed, or if you do not agree to be identifiable in the series, your image will be altered so you are not recognizable. If you see the crew filming in your area and do not wish to be filmed, please notify a crew member and we will accommodate you. If you don’t see a camera crew, no filming is taking place.”

Previously these posted signs told travelers that “Your entrance into this area will serve as your voluntary agreement to include your appearance, image and likeness on screen as part of the “Border Security” television series (including in advertisements for the series), worldwide, in perpetuity, in all and any media now known or hereafter devised.”

By exercising my choice to lawfully and freely enter and leave Canada by land, air and sea, I must interact with the Canada Border Services Agency, and I must present myself at designated border crossings.

My presence at these border crossings absolutely does not mean that I consent to being filmed for any purpose related to making a television series. It is an infringement of my privacy rights for the government or its partners to film me and to use or disclose my image or any information about me for purposes of entertainment or “public information”, or to make any kind of television show or other broadcast. Even if my identity is not publicly disclosed, it is a breach of my privacy rights for my image and personal information to be collected for this purpose.

In addition, while at a border crossing, I should not be required to notify a member of a private film crew in order to withhold my consent to being filmed. Having an opt-out procedure for giving consent is a violation of my privacy rights, including my right not to be filmed and have my image, likeness, or any information about me collected, used or disclosed for the purposes of entertainment or “public information”, or to make any kind of television show or other broadcast.

This refusal/revocation of consent is to be interpreted in the broadest terms possible.

4. Response and Follow Up

By completing this form, you consent to the BCCLA forwarding the information that you have completed in this form to the Canada Border Services Agency, BST Media Inc., BST Media 2, Force Four Entertainment, Shaw, the National Geographic Channel.

This form does not constitute legal advice, and completing this form does not form a lawyer/client relationship between you and the BC Civil Liberties Association. If you need legal advice or if you believe that your rights have been violated, you should contact a lawyer directly. You cannot rely on completing this webform as constituting a complaint to the CBSA or any government agency about your border experience.

BCCLA will collect this information and handle it in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act and our Privacy Statement.