Meanwhile, back at the MPCC …

Busy day on the document disclosure front.  Earlier, we recapped the goings-on in Parliament, in which the Speaker of the House of Commons ruled that government was in breach of […]

MPCC hearings schedule update

As promised, here’s what we know so far about the upcoming weeks. The subject witnesses, who were all scheduled to testify over the next three weeks, have been adjourned, pending […]

See you in September (?)

The latest dust-up at the MPCC over document disclosure from the Department of Justice looks to derail the next few weeks of hearings. The hearings were initially scheduled to be […]

Not my job

Lt-Col. Douglas Boot / The Canadian Press via The Globe and Mail This morning at the MPCC, we heard from Lt-Col. Douglas Boot, the Provost Marshal at Canadian Expeditionary Force […]

Curiouser and curiouser

Or perhaps in the case of Sansterre, not curious at all.  The Globe and Mail has a blisteringly spot-on editorial in today’s edition.  We recommend that you read the whole […]

Richard Colvin at the MPCC: Part 1

Big media day at the MPCC this morning, as senior diplomat Richard Colvin appears before the Committee.  Colvin’s testimony before Parliament on his longstanding concerns about the treatment of CF-transferred […]

Richard Colvin at the MPCC: Part 2

Richard Colvin in 2009. Image: CBC The afternoon examinations of Mr. Colvin went into overtime today, extending another 40 minutes or so beyond the scheduled close of session. Of particular […]

Torture? What torture?

Week 2 of the MPCC Afghan Public Interest Hearings started off with testimony this morning from Lieutenant-Colonel Gilles Sansterre, commanding officer of the Canadian Forces National Investigative Service — the […]