Canada chastised for secret metadata surveillance

  By Travis Lupick/ Published June 13, 2013   CIVIL-LIBERTIES ADVOCATES AND privacy watchdogs are demanding the Canadian government answer questions about its spying programs. executive director Steve Anderson told theStraight that […]

Editorial: Borderline privacy

  By Published on May 30, 2013   Travellers don’t cross the border with the intent to appear on television. It shouldn’t be forced on them, and another complication […]

Border Reality show and Your Privacy

  Published on May 28, 2013 Watch at   The controversial reality TV show ‘Border Services: Canada’s Front Line’ is making headlines after being accused of filming travellers at […]

Border Security filming draws new fire over privacy

  By Jeff Nagel/ Published on May 28, 2013   Civil libertarians are warning cross-border shoppers and others visiting the U.S. to guard their privacy to avoid becoming guest stars […]