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Electronic Devices Pocket Guide

The law around searches at the border was designed for a time when people could only bring a small amount of personal information with them, but seem out of date in a time when someone can bring every bit of personal data about them along in their pocket. This condensed version of Electronic Devices Handbook is meant to help you make sense of this strange situation, and to protect your privacy when travelling with electronic devices.

This pocket guide will explore four areas:

1. Rights at the border – What can and can’t be done by a CBSA officer when he or she decides to search your electronic devices?

2. CBSA policies – What exactly do CBSA officers do when they are searching your electronic devices?

3. Best practices – What steps can you take to keep your data private and secure?

4. I’ve been searched! – What should you do if your electronic devices have been searched by the CBSA?

Download the Electronic Devices Pocket Guide here