Rights Talk: Students and Civil Liberties at School







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Chapter 1: The Basics   

  • So, what are civil liberties?
  • Where do civil liberties come from?
  • Your rights can be limited!
  • The Charter and the School Act

Chapter 2: Freedom of Expression   

  • Dress codes: What’ll I wear?

Chapter 3: Walking the Line: Secularism and Religious Freedom 

  • Freedom of religion under the Charter
  • Balancing secularism with freedom of religion

Chapter 4: New Challenges: Technology and Civil Liberties  

  • Taking freedom of expression online
  • Sexting: Harmless fun or serious crime?
  • They’re watching you: Video surveillance

Chapter 5: All Kinds of Searches

  • Cell phone searches
  • Searching your person
  • Searching your locker or backpack
  • Use of sniffer dogs

Chapter 6: School Discipline and Criminal Justice   

  • School discipline and your rights
  • The criminal law, the police and you

For Further Discussion  

Links to Legal Decisions