Open Letter from the BCCLA demanding that the Vancouver Park Board withdraw its request for an injunction to remove people from CRAB Park

The BCCLA is joining the call to demand that the Vancouver Park Board withdraw its request for an injunction that will permit the use of police force to remove people living in CRAB Park. We find this heavy-handed approach completely inhumane, unnecessary and contrary to the City of Vancouver’s commitment to decriminalizing poverty and supporting community-led safety initiatives. The latter includes not relying on the police to address matters of homelessness.

Seeking an injunction and police enforcement is not the way forward nor is it in the public interest. The BCCLA is urging the Park Board, the City and B.C. Housing to REALLY listen to CRAB Park residents about what their needs are and what suitable low barrier housing looks like to them. Until such time that adequate housing options are available, this injunction, if granted, will violate the life, liberty and security of each person who calls CRAB Park home. The BC Supreme Court recently supported this position in Prince George (City) v Stewart. In that case, the Court also declined the City’s application for a police enforcement clause. We respectfully request that the Park Board immediately abandon its request for an injunction prior to or on the December 2, 2021, court date.

Read the full open letter (PDF)