Letter to Vancouver City Council Regarding Access Without Fear Policy

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Letter to Vancouver City Council regarding the City’s Access to City Services Without Fear policy. However, the effects of that policy have yet to be fully realized as it has not been effectively implemented. The BC Civil Liberties Association continues to have grave concerns for the wellbeing of people with precarious migration status in Vancouver because the city has not properly invested in actualizing all facets of the policy.

We urge the city to support the “Safety for Residents with Precarious Status: Delivering Access Without Fear” motion on the council agenda. Backing the motion is particularly important at this moment in the city’s history. The government of Canada continues with its callous trajectory of favouring temporary immigration over permanent immigration, leaving many people in our community with insecure and limited rights. In this context, it is crucial to have consistent and well-understood access without fear policies throughout the city. It is unconscionable that some people cannot access critical living, safety, emergency housing, and community services without compromising their personal safety or that of their loved ones.

Read our full letter to Vancouver City Council here.