Justice and Human Rights on Bill C-36, Anti-Terrorism Act

The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (“BCCLA” or “Association”) has prepared the
following submissions which we believe will assist the Committee in carefully reviewing the
provisions of Bill C-36, the Anti-Terrorism Act (“Act”). These submissions are intended to
augment our oral presentation before the Committee on October 30, 2001.

The enormity of the Bill is only out-shadowed by the ways in which it fundamentally modifies
the legal principles and civil liberties which define what it means to live in a free and democratic
society. The Association urges the Committee to take whatever time is necessary to completely
and careful review the Bill’s 146 provisions and their impact on our free and open society.

The Association will first set out the principles which we say must guide the Committee in
reviewing the legislation. We then turn our attention to those provisions which we find most
objectionable or problematic from a civil liberties perspective even though other provisions may
also cause us concern. As much as possible, the Association has tried to provide concrete
proposals for how the Act can be amended to address those concerns.