BCCLA and UBCIC Alarmed at Increasing RCMP Policing Powers in Wet’suwet’en

The BC Civil Liberties Association and Union of BC Indian Chiefs are highly alarmed at the expanding nature of the RCMP exclusion zone, granting the RCMP discretionary, unreasonable and unjustified powers. There is absolutely no legal precedent nor established legal authority for such an overbroad policing power associated with the enforcement of an injunction. The arbitrary RCMP exclusion zone and overbroad access restrictions are completely unjustified and unlawful, and constitute a serious violation of Indigenous rights and jurisdiction, severe deprivation of individual liberty interests, and egregious impairment of Charter-protected rights. The BCCLA and the UBCIC are reiterating our call to the Chairperson of the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC) for the RCMP to initiate a policy complaint and public interest investigation.

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