Risky Business: Embracing Privacy & Data Governance in a Hostile World

The National Privacy & Data Governance Congress of 2014 is an event bringing together professionals from industry and government to explore practical strategies for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s changes. It will be a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to meet the decision makers from across Canada who are dedicated to safeguarding the personal and corporate information held by corporations and governments across Canada.

The National Privacy and Data Governance Congress will be beneficial to those seeking clarity about the interrelationship between critical issues of • Privacy • Security • Governance • Resilience • Surveillance

Leaked Revelations and Educated Guesses: Trying to See into the World of Secret Spying


BCCLA’s very own Policy Director, Michael Vonn, is delighted be a featured speaker at this years Congress. Leading a session titled: Leaked Revelations and Educated Guesses: Trying to See into the World of Secret Spying,‘ she will explore the intersection of privacy, civil liberties, and state surveillance. More specifically, Ms. Vonn will have the opportunity to engage with her audience members, discussing such topics as data analytics and how meta-data are changing the surveillance landscape. Ms. Vonn will be speaking on the first day (October 15th) of the 3 day series event.

To reserve your place to attend the Congress, email Registrar@PACC-CCAP.ca or phone 877.746.PACC (877.746.7222).