Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week: Celebrating Aboriginal Women

December 5, 2012

Hotel Grand Pacific, 463 Bellevue St.,
9:00 am

Policy Director Micheal Vonn will speak on Thursday, December 6th in Victoria on the issue of HIV disclosure laws and the privacy rights of individuals in the context of HIV/AIDS testing. Micheal’s talk is part of the ongoing work related to the BCCLA’s HIV Testing Handbook, published through the support of the MAC AIDS Fund.

Red Road HIV/AIDS Network and Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network will partner to host this event which will include speakers from the local, regional and national levels who will speak to Aboriginal women’s issues and share highlights. The event will also feature traditional ceremonies and performances. As a special presentation the local organizers have invited the Visioning Health Arts and Positive Aboriginal Women exhibit. This session is free to attend; lunch and refreshments will be provided.

The BCCLA HIV Testing Guide is available here.
Contact :   James Beck, [email protected]

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