Now in its 4th year, The Canadian Civil Liberties Association’s annual national Rightswatch conference will be held in Montreal,  October 12-13th 2012.

This year the conference is entitled Civil Liberties: People, Power and Protest.  In general, the conference is designed to expose law students, lawyers, and those interested in civil liberties and human rights issues to the important public interest cases and issues that are constantly arising in our society and encourage them to think critically about these issues. Prominent speakers from academic institutions, law firms, government and public interest organizations will be invited to participate to get as wide a perspective on these issues as possible.

Join BCCLA Executive Director David Eby for his panel discussion entitled:

Police oversight and accountability – changing the expectations, evaluating the models

Panelists: David Eby, Executive Director, BC Civil Liberties Association, Kent Roach, Professor, University of Toronto Faculty of Law

Moderator: Senator Vernon White

This panel will review various models of police oversight and accountability and discuss shortcomings of current systems. Police complaints and police investigations happen on the ground but without always asking larger questions about ultimate purposes and effects. The topic will be approached both from the complainants’ perspective as well as from a more academic, theoretical evaluation.  Specific lessons will be drawn from the attempt to impose accountability and oversight during the Toronto G20, highlighting problems unique to cross-jurisdictional policing efforts.

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