On the Radar: A Panel Discussion on Social Profiling, Police Accountability, and Community Oversight

May 12, 2012

First Metropolitan Church
7:00 pm

932 Balmoral
Social Profiling and Police Accountability – Panel discussion featuring David Eby and speakers from VPIRG

David Eby (BC Civil Liberties Association)
Hilary Marks (Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group)
Ashley Mollison (Safer for All campaign)

From the organizers at the Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group:
“People living in extreme poverty face disproportionate amounts of police attention in the form of ticketing, searches, stops, and seizures of personal property — this is called social profiling, and communities across Canada are working together to see this stopped.

Interactions between police and people who are street-involved remain invisible because many of these interactions are undocumented by police, and marginalized community members lack access to reporting mechanisms such as the police complaints commission. It’s time for us to put these practices on the radar.

Come and hear about police accountability issues in BC, about actions taken in other Canadian regions to address social profiling of people who are street-involved, and about community initiatives to ensure community oversight of policing practices.”