Just Dying

By Brandon Pardy/ The Independent.ca Published on February 13, 2014   On Jan. 16 the Supreme Court of Canada decided it will hear an appeal (of an appeal) regarding a […]

Editorial: Bigger Brother

By North Shore News Published February 12, 2014 In case you missed it on Tuesday, along with a federal budget in Ottawa, a speech from the throne in Victoria, and […]

Youth faces forfeiture case over drug buy

By Sunny Dhillon/theglobeandmail.com British Columbia’s Civil Forfeiture Office is attempting to seize a vehicle from a youth over a $20 crack transaction, arguing it is permitted to confiscate the car […]

Canada’s Spies Are Out of Control

By Christopher Malmo/ Vice.com Published February 11, 2014     here was an alarming lack of sustained outrage when it was revealed that CSEC, Canada’s NSA, was testing out a spying program […]

The Day The World Fought Back

In the last year, the world has learned that mass surveillance by governments knows no bounds. Today, February 11th, internet users around the world are standing together. Today, individuals, civil […]

CSEC Wi-Fi snooping experiment prompts calls for review

By CBC News/cbc.ca A B.C. MP is calling for an independent review of the activities of Canada’s electronic spy agency, after CBC News revealed this week that the agency conducted an experiment tracking internet […]