Torture in the court

Today, an Ottawa judge permitted the use of handwriting evidence (evidence that he himself described as “problematic” and “confusing”) in support of France’s bid to extradite Canadian citizen Hassan Diab. […]

Protecting children in war

In December, the BCCLA and Amnesty International Canada sent a letter to Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay, calling on the DND to ensure that children being captured by Canadian […]

Can we hold you for a while?

Yesterday, BCCLA Counsel Carmen Cheung appeared before the House of Commons Committee on Public Safety and National Security to present the BCCLA’s position on Bill C-17, legislation seeking to resurrect […]

MPCC — the final stretch?

Faithful readers of the BCCLA National Security Blog will know that we first kicked things off here in December 2009 with our post on Richard Colvin’s documents, which warned senior […]

“A machine of shame” (updated)

Today, in Halifax, a memorial to the MS St. Louis was unveiled, in memory of the hundreds of Jewish refugees turned away from North American shores on the eve of […]


Welcome back to a new year at the BCCLA National Security Blog.  We returned from our winter break to find a copy of the European Center for Constitutional and Human […]

Back from hiatus! (briefly)

So one of our readers pointed out recently that the National Security Blog’s long overdue for an update, and he’s absolutely right, especially given the things we’ve been up to […]

The waiting game

After a week of sentencing hearings, the Military Commission in Guantanamo imposed a 40-year sentence on Omar Khadr, 15 years more than the 25-year term requested by the prosecutors. The […]

Omar Khadr: Waiting for answers

The BCCLA National Security team has covered Omar Khadr’s continuing ordeal extensively over the past year, from Canadian courts to Guantanamo Bay. After weeks of rumours and speculation, the Guantanamo […]