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A Message to Community

I am deeply honoured to join the BC Civil Liberties Association at a pivotal time of social and organizational change. The impactful, strategic work of the BCCLA is a tangible reminder of what is possible when bold vision meets compassionate collaboration. I am so grateful to be part of this powerful, dedicated, and courageous team as we continue the fight for equity, accountability, and civil liberty.

The BCCLA has celebrated numerous proud moments in our sixty-year history, including successfully fighting censorship, defending the rights of land and water defenders, and advocating for the human rights of prisoners. Our dedicated staff, both past and present, have produced an incredible body of work spanning countless areas of expertise, from digital privacy rights to democratic rights, tenancy and housing, patient rights, law enforcement accountability, and many more. We have been supported by community partners and working groups, individual stakeholders, pro-bono counsel, donors, and our dedicated Board of Directors. Together we have achieved tremendous things.

In our long history, there have also been opportunities for learning and growth. We have made mistakes, failed to act when we should, taken actions that did not align with our values, and learned lessons through error. As the BCCLA steps forward into a new chapter, we are committed to examining our own practices of equity, liberty, and accountability, and to continuing our ground-breaking work in a manner that upholds these values at every turn. I am honoured and privileged to be part of the repair and progress this entails.

The BCCLA’s commitment to promote, defend, sustain, and extend civil liberties and human rights remains unwavering. We reiterate our pledge to use our resources to oppose violations of the rights and freedoms of Indigenous Peoples now and in the future, and we stand firmly in partnership with people living in heavily policed communities, those targeted by discriminatory legislation and policy, and those most vulnerable to state infringements on their human rights, dignity, and liberty. 

Thank you for believing in the BCCLA and the values we embody.


Liza Hughes (she/they)