B.C. Civil Liberties Association worried about provision in Surrey Crime Task Force

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By Terry Schintz/ CKNW

Published on February 14, 2014

Use it, but don’t abuse it. That’s the word from Michael Vonn with the BC Civil Liberties Association, when it comes to Surrey’s plan to expand surveillance cameras, and have cameras at some intersections scanning licence plates, so police can better track stolen cars. Vonn says we’ve seen issues with Automated Licence Plate Recognition technology before. She say, “As our Privacy Commissioner, the BC Privacy Commissioner has discovered, all is not well with this program. No one objects to scanning licence plates for stolen vehicles. But it turned out police were using this data for much more than that. Not only using it for much more than that but SAVING it in case they could use it for OTHER purposes.” Michael Vonn with BC Civil Liberties Association.

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