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Another coroner’s jury recommends cameras in police cars

By Jason Howe
Published July 19, 2013/ news1130.com

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – RCMP in this province are taking a cautious approach after the latest coroner’s jury recommended cameras in police cars – the third jury to do so in recent months.

Cameras were recommended earlier this week by the jury in the fatal police shooting of Brendon Beddow in White Rock.

Juries last month and in April made similar recommendations.

Josh Paterson of the BC Civil Liberties Association thinks it’s a good idea. “Certainly, it’s going to make it a lot easier after the fact in terms of police accountability to know what actually happened when police are interacting with people.”

He also thinks police would benefit. “It would be much better for those police officers to have that video footage to rely on in order to clear their names, so we think it’s a positive thing all around.”

While some police cars have cameras, RCMP wonder about the costs and legal implications of going further.

The Justice Ministry declined to comment.