BC Civil Liberties Association questions RCMP techniques used in investigating alleged terror plot

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By Julia Foy/
Published July 4, 2013

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association is watching the case of the alleged terrorist bombers with great interest.

Police say several potential bombs were planted around the B.C. Legislature, but that the public was never actually in harm’s way.

“We employed a variety of complex investigative and covert techniques to control any opportunity the suspects had to commit harm,” said Assistant Commissioner Wayne Rideout.

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The B.C. Civil Liberties Association is now questioning whether that means the bombs were created under investigators supervision.

“The question is how could the police be so confident that the explosive devices wouldn’t work,” says Michael Vonn with B.C. Civil Liberties Association. “The surmise is they knew that because they either provided or provided portions of them, or somehow had been actively involved with the accused in developing or facilitating the alleged plot.”

In the past undercover operations called “Mr.Big” scenarios have been used to secure confessions which have been entered as evidence in court.

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Inside terror suspects’ house [PHOTO GALLERY] “These are highly controversial around the use of police facilitating alleged terrorist plots in the U.S., that has come under fire,” says Vonn.

Details about the investigation won’t be revealed until the case goes to court, which could take up to two years.

2 thoughts on “BC Civil Liberties Association questions RCMP techniques used in investigating alleged terror plot

  1. Hi there, my name is Rick Gibbs, I recently wrote a submission to the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP with regards to the disturbing events that unfolded on Canada Day at our Legislature. (see bottom of page)

    I forwarded my email to John Macombe from CKNW, (along with many others in my professional and personal networks). John contacted me and we had a good conversation about the subject, he too would like to see this issue forced into the mainstream. I agreed to let him read my email last Friday July 12th on his radio show, The World Today, at 4pm.

    I have since received a lot of feedback and have been reading many articles along the same lines, people want an investigation into the conduct of the RCMP in this seemingly staged terror event.

    I am writing to you to see if you have received interest in pursuing an investigation into this. Or where you sit on this in general.

    I hope to hear from you.

    In solidarity,
    Rick Gibbs

    Here is my submission:

    I am writing to the Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP with regards to the recent events at the BC Legislature on Canada Day. Myself and many other British Columbians would like to see an independent investigation into the RCMP’s conduct in this case.

    I am a father of three, a business owner and employer in the Lower Mainland. I am well respected in my community and work hard to ensure the people around me are cared for and respected.

    We are asking for a full investigation into the RCMP’s conduct and actions in the ‘thwarted terror attack’ as our media has dubbed it.

    Specifically, we would like to know:

    1. How the RCMP determined this terror plot was inspired by Al Queada? This headline was used around the globe within minutes of the event unfolding.
    2. Why did the RCMP not stop this event, which happened on Canada’s birthday? According to their own admissions, they were fully aware of every aspect of this ‘plot’ but let it proceed anyway.
    3. What role did the RCMP play in entrapping the two suspects – both of which appear to be completely incapable of pulling something like this off on their own. (simply research these two individuals on line)
    4. How many officers were involved in this case, who was in charge of this operation and what is their rank within the RCMP? We can start with Harold Price.
    5. How did the RCMP come up with the ‘pressure cooker’ bomb concept? According to media reports, they came up with this idea in February, well ahead of the Boston Bombing which allegedly used the same bombs. This alone should concern all Canadians.
    6. The RCMP stated that they ensured none of the bombs would go off, that they were in total control of this operation. Then we have to ask, why did they let it happen at all????
    7. What actions can be taken against the RCMP by the people of Canada to hold them equally responsible for this ‘terror plot’? Without the RCMP’s involvement, this event would not have happened, should they not be held as responsible as the two suspects they are charging?

    I look forward to your response on this. I have included about 400 people in my business and social networks, ranging from teachers, students, writers, journalists, artists, parents, business leaders, politicians, lawyers and neighbors. In addition, I have included over 100 media outlets in BC and Canada.

    We are all deeply concerned and would like answers, as it is, we do not trust the very Police Force that is tasked with protecting our communities – this is a very unsettling scenario.

    Here are some references on this case:

    It would appear that this entire event was conceived, orchestrated and executed by the RCMP to justify more expenditures for their ‘The War on Terror’.

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