S7: The Combating Terrorism Act Strips Away Vital Protections

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On April 24, 2013 Parliament passed Bill S-7, known as the Combating Terrorism Act. With this action, Parliament stripped away vital protections for citizens in favour of  unnecessary and ineffective measures to confront terrorism.

This act unjustifiably expands the scope and reach of state authority without any accompanying expansion of accountability and oversight.  The BCCLA joined with many other groups and individuals to urge Parliament not to adopt this dangerous legislation.

Before the Bill was adopted, Policy Director Micheal Vonn had this to say to Global Television:

“It is morally and constitutionally repugnant to consider locking someone away for up to a year with no criminal charge. This Bill threatens ancient, precious and hard-won democratic safeguards…” – Policy Director Micheal Vonn

Read more on the BCCLA’s position on S7 here.

One thought on “S7: The Combating Terrorism Act Strips Away Vital Protections

  1. I was apprended by local security Iron-horse in downtown Ottawa my home at 971B Meadow-lands Drive. Ottawa, Ontario.

    A social worker “named herself”, the Ottawa trustee was the person identified with the local security company. She misapplied the law and used the private bill to send a private security officer by the name of Terry Kilrea to my apartment. “904.00 was combed back out of my pay at Ontario Disability Program and the board was issued notice by the public trustee who works for me not the Ontario security company.

    I was not read my rights and Sgt. Quintinalla was the officer that used his private position in life to ticket me under the safe security act. It was a ticket of $65.00.

    The name of the social worker is Linda Wadman she seems to think she can be a private investigator too. She lied cheated and stole and used her position to poison my environment and to try to allow the use of her private bills to make up court cases without public bills and her waivers were written by the criminal herself.

    The housing registry in Ontario is listed on the public trustee s list at this address and at the prior address of 9 Ralph Street apartment 2 Ottawa, Ontario K1S 4E3. The last address listed to the public trustee is 105 Humewood Drive,Belleville, Ontario K8N 4E5.

    A public trustee is not entitled to take over private addresses and use terror acts to restrict freedoms and they do not have the power to arrest or to detain unlawfully at the hands of the public that allowed for the faulty company to become the trustee.

    I have a few suggestions for the public trustee. Take your information offline with housing and stop using my private addresses as your brooding point for your private depiction of how your job works I can assure you it does not work as such and that a private company has taken over your firm. The name of that company is the Bilderburg Company.

    I happen to know the law in Ontario or in any jurisdiction does not allow for social workers to enter at will and to destroy families simply because they are at fault by their job as a default loan.

    As I said I have no intention of listening in the future when a “SAID social worker enters illegally and start s making a fuss because I live alone and it is not a social worker it was a police officer by the name of Sgt. Quintinalla he works for a privately hired security company.

    A local resident.

    Karen J. Dawe