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BCCLA Helps Aboriginal Families Find Answers to Unsolved North Coast Deaths

By Laryn Gilmour/CFTKTV.com
Published on May 3, 2013

The Union of BC Indian Chiefs and representatives of BC Civil Liberties Association, are taking a second look at the series of water front deaths in Prince Rupert over the last decade.

BCCLA will meet with local aboriginal families, who have lost a loved one and the reasons have been left unsolved. It is an effort to seek justice, because many aboriginals feels they may not receive fair treatment from police.

The meetings were called in the wake of the March 4 death of 21-year-old Justin Brooks, whose body was found floating off the Prince Rupert waterfront.

Speaking with the BCCLA, Policy Director Michael Vonn says, after police ruled out foul play in Brooks case, is family says Mounties left out information on the fight which left Brookes bloody and didn’t give an explanation to how their son got into the water.

Brookes family along side others are looking for answers to years of unsolved water front drownings.

“To talk to families of young First Nation’s people, whose suspicious deaths are unresolved and the families believe their cases have been insufficiently investigated. There’s really the families who put out the feelers here and we are responding to that by being here and having some interviews, to see what the actual details are of these cases and what has been done in terms of coroners and RCMP investigations of them.”

Representatives of the BCCLA will also seek a meeting with local RCMP and will attend a Saturday evening vigil, at Waterfront Park in Prince Rupert, to honour the victims.