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BCCLA reacts to punching of detained cyclist by VPD

Vancouver – Micheal Vonn, Policy Director of the BC Civil Liberties Association, reacted today to a video depicting a Vancouver Police Department officer punching Andishae Akhavan.

“We are alarmed by the video showing a VPD officer punching Andishae Akhavan in the face, resulting in a cut lip, while he was being detained. The officer alleges that Mr. Akhavan was resisting arrest, but this is unclear in the video that we have seen. While police have the power to use reasonable force, if needed, in carrying out their duties, the video leads to questions as to whether this punch was an unnecessary and violent overreaction.”

“We understand that the VPD is investigating the incident. Given the poor history of police investigation of alleged police misconduct in this province, we will be watching this investigation and its results very closely.”