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BCCLA congratulates Burnaby school board for passing LGBTQ policy

The BCCLA is congratulating the Burnaby school board for passing a policy designed to eliminate discrimination against gay and transgendered students. The BCCLA had written a last minute letter to the school board supporting the policy after news that a small parent group had been organizing to encourage board members to vote against the policy.

“We respect the rights of these parents to hold views that we strongly disagree with,” notes Robert Holmes, Q.C., President of the BCCLA. “However, we felt it was essential to write to the school board to support their efforts to ensure all students are treated equally and with dignity, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation.”

The BCCLA has a long history of supporting LGBTQ rights, most recently supporting the rights of trans women to access a “women only” pharmacy, and supporting activists in resisting book bans in school boards that depict gay and lesbian families in positive ways, and bans at Canada customs on gay and lesbian erotica.

“We urge school boards who have not yet adopted such policies to step up to the plate and ensure a safe and productive learning environment for all students,” said Holmes. “Schools should be safe zones for all kids to learn not just from books, but also by understanding and appreciating all perspectives and life experiences.”

Click here to read the BCCLA’a last minute letter to the Burnaby School Board

Robert Holmes, Q.C., President, (604) 681-1310
David Eby, Executive Director, 604-630-9752 or 778-865-7997