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What he said

Alex Neve of Amnesty International, back from the Khadr trial at Guantanamo Bay, has an excellent piece in today’s Ottawa Citizen, discussing his observations and making yet another plea for the federal government to fulfill its constitutional obligations with respect to Omar Khadr.

Read it in its entirety.  Here’s a snippet, with his observations on the jury selection process:

Then there was jury selection, offering troubling glimpses into government attitudes. They were vehement, for instance, that an army lieutenant-colonel who was aware of the human rights problems at Guantanamo Bay should be excluded from the jury. He had repeatedly stated that he agreed with President Barack Obama: Guantanamo should be closed. In a confusing and disturbing twist of logic, prosecutors argued that agreeing with the president was somehow proof of anti-government bias. The judge did not grant their request. Prosecutors used their one “free pass” to boot him off the jury.