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RCMP Should Not Investigate Themselves

Following a new report from the Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP (“CPC”) that showed problems with 68% of RCMP criminal investigations of their own members, the BCCLA renewed calls for a civilian investigation body to be implemented immediately. The CPC report concluded that these investigations should be taken from the RCMP and handed over to municipal forces or provincial investigation bodies.

“This report showed junior officers investigating senior officers, officers investigating other officers with whom they had personal relationships, and a complete absence of an internal investigation policy,” said David Eby, Executive Director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association. ”This report gives increased urgency to the BCCLA’s continued calls for a civilian investigation agency.”

The BCCLA has, for years, called for a civilian body to investigate serious incidents of police misconduct, as is currently the case in Ontario, and as is being introduced in Manitoba. This report is the third major report in British Columbia that has shown significant issues in municipal police or the RCMP investigating themselves for criminal or policy violations.

“This is just another report on a growing pile of reports that concludes the police shouldn’t investigate themselves,” said Eby. “Even the RCMP Commissioner would like internal investigations to be given to an outside agency. Why won’t our elected officials act?”

Proposed amendments to the provincial Police Act would make some changes to how municipal police forces in B.C. investigate themselves for policy breaches; however, the changes, should they be re-introduced, would have no impact on the RCMP and would not change current practice related to criminal investigations of police officers.

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