BCCLA report criticizes Canada’s adoption of U.N. Security Council’s terrorist blacklist

The BC Civil Liberties Association is launching a report today at UBC’s law school on the UN’s 1267 Regime – an international blacklist Canada has adopted that is held out to be targeting alleged terrorist affiliates of the Taliban and al Qaeda. The report concludes that the system violates Canadian constitutional and international law.

Robert Holmes, President of the BCCLA: “In the fight against terrorism, it is crucial that we do not lose sight of what we are fighting for. Liberty, justice, freedom – none of that can be secure if we do not protect the rule of law.”

In June of this year, the BCCLA, along with the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group and Abousfian Abdelrazik – the only Canadian citizen on the 1267 blacklist – launched a lawsuit in Federal Court challenging Canada’s implementation of the sanctions regime.

“Courts and commentators the world over have described the 1267 Regime as Kafka-esque, and with little wonder,” said Carmen Cheung, author of the report and co-counsel in the constitutional challenge. “Lack of transparency, lack of due process, and lack of respect for fundamental principles of justice have been the hallmarks of this sanctions regime.”

The 1267 Regime has been characterized as violating fundamental principles of due process and human rights by Canada’s Federal Court, the United Nations’ own experts, the European Court of Justice, and the United Kingdom’s highest court. Nonetheless, Canada makes use of it through its own laws, government policies and police practices. The BCCLA’s report considers the legality of Canada’s continued participation in the 1267 Regime and finds that it fails to live up to its obligations under international law and Canada’s constitution.

The report will be officially launched today at 12:30 p.m. at UBC Law School, University Centre Lower Level, Room 174 at a public lecture. Carmen Cheung will be speaking.

Download BCCLA Report – 1267 Regime

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