BCCLA 2010 Olympic media opportunities

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association is pleased to announce the following unique media opportunities during the 2010 Olympics.

Daily traditional media briefings (English) – February 12-28, 2010

The BCCLA will be hosting daily media briefings, including screening of Observer footage highlights, open to traditional (print, radio, television) media at the BCCLA office, located at 1188 West Georgia Street. Breaking news briefings will be held Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 9:00 am between February 12 and 28. On Sundays, the BCCLA will conduct a summary briefing of the week previous and upcoming week, which will be held at noon. Daily new media briefings (English) – February 12-28, 2010

The BCCLA will be repeating our daily media briefing for new media (podcast, blog, ‘zines, community or internet radio) every afternoon Monday to Friday at the W2 Culture and Media House at 112 West Hastings Street, incorporating any updates. Time TBA. Priority is given to new media outlets registered at the Media House.

Legal Observer Program – Special Media Opportunities – February 9-28, 2010

The nearly 400 citizen Legal Observers trained by the BCCLA will be in the streets throughout the Olympic period at venues and demonstrations. Opportunities include ride alongs with Observer teams on shift, tours of the sophisticated grassroots Observer office, and interviews with observers (various languages available by request).

Interviews with executive and staff (English, French, Hindi, Urdu, German, Korean) BCCLA spokespeople include lawyers, privacy experts, and legal policy experts available to comment on all aspects of Canadian law as it relates to civil liberties and the Olympics.

For more details, including how to access legal observer video footage, online video of media
briefings, registration for media briefings and registration for special opportunities, visit  or e-mail [email protected] .