B.C. Civil Liberties Association Elects Robert D. Holmes as New President

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The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, Canada’s leading civil liberties organization, is pleased to announce that it has elected Robert D. Holmes as its new President.

Mr. Holmes, a member of the Law Society of B.C. since 1983, is an experienced litigation lawyer and a principal in the law firm of Holmes & King. Mr. Holmes is also currently the First Vice-President of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia and has held a variety of other positions with that and other professional organizations. In the 1980’s Mr. Holmes was legal counsel for the BCCLA in the successful constitutional challenge made concerning BC’s electoral district boundaries in the Dixon v. AGBC case. Mr. Holmes has previously held positions as director, Secretary and Vice-President of the BCCLA.

Mr. Holmes: “I am honoured to have the opportunity to serve as President. From my involvement with the BCCLA beginning in 1979, I have seen a large part of its development into Canada’s foremost civil liberties organization. In education, litigation and ongoing public discussion activities, the BCCLA is well-recognized as a respected and knowledgeable voice in Canadian society. It is, for me, all the more significant an event knowing that I follow Jason Gratl, John Russell and John Dixon as President. All of them have made an invaluable contribution to the understanding and advancement of civil liberties in Canada.”

Mr. Holmes succeeds immediate Past-President Jason Gratl at the helm of the Association. Mr. Gratl remains the Association’s Vice-President. According to Mr. Gratl: “I am pleased to welcome Rob Holmes as our new President and look forward to continuing work on behalf of the association. We have accomplished a great deal, but there remains much to do to protect fundamental liberties.”

Rounding out the Association’s Executive Committee are former President John Dixon as Secretary and Alan Rowan as the Association’s long-serving Treasurer.