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Khadr trial delayed (again)

The Khadr trial (which started hearing evidence yesterday) has been adjourned for 30 days following the collapse of Mr. Khadr’s military lawyer during the middle of his cross-examination.

Yesterday, the military “jury” heard opening statements and testimony from two prosecution witnesses.  One witness was the soldier who captured Mr. Khadr, known only as Col. W, as per the military commission’s rules regarding identification of witnesses.  Col. W is perhaps best known as having modified the incident report of the firefight years after he first wrote it to state that the person who had lobbed the grenade that killed Sgt. Speer survived the firefight.  In the original report, Col. W stated that the combatant had been killed.  Mr. Khadr, of course, is accused of being the person who threw the grenade in question.  Mr. Khadr’s lawyer was cross-examining Col. W when he collapsed.