The eDrug Project involves upgrading the existing PharmaNet system, and integrating it with the EHR system as it is built. It will implement PharmaNet-eRx, which will broaden who has access to comprehensive patient medication histories, and will enable doctors to “ePrescribe” from their offices. It will also computerize the PharmaCare Special Authority process, which makes case-by-case decisions on paying for medication which is normally not covered. There will also be certain technical changes to meet Infoway standards. 

The patient medication histories in PharmaNet are currently quite detailed, but the eDrug project will add additional information in the profile, including clinically relevant medication information from a patient’s hospital stay, prescriber samples, or oncology (cancer) medications.

Currently, people with access to PharmaNet can see an individual’s medication history for the prior fourteen months. eDrug will extend this to 60 months. It will also include a new system for confirming that the patient has not simply filled the prescription but actually picked it up from the pharmacy, which is considered a good indicator that the patient is actually using the medication, and may trigger the doctor to inquire if the patient is under- or over-using the medication.