You have a right to get access to your medical records that are in a hospital, clinic or care facility that is operated by the government, or in the EHR system when it is operational. Your right is limited when there is a legal reason that the information in the record should not be given to you.

You have to make a request for access to personal information by sending a form to the Access and Privacy Office of the health authority that operates the hospital.

Figuring out where to send your request can be tricky. Although one way to find out where to send your request is to look on the website of the health authority or facility, some hospitals and health authorities do not post a link on their website to their Access and Privacy Office or give any instructions on how to request access from them.

If you find that you cannot easily figure out how to request access from the hospital or facility, simply call the corporate office or general inquiries telephone line and ask to speak with the Freedom of Information Officer.
To find out how to get access to your records in a facility operated by the government, go to Your Right to Request Access to Your Personal Information from a BC Public Body.

There are no links to an Information and Privacy page on either of the website of Northern Health Authority or Fraser Health Authority.

Contact information for Fraser Health Authority
Fraser Health
Corporate Office
300, 10334 – 152A Street
Surrey BC  V3R 7P8
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-877-935-5669 or 604-587-4600
Fax: 604-587-4666

Contact information for Northern Health Authority
Northern Health- Corporate Office
Suite 600, 299 Victoria Street
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada V2L 5B8
Phone: (250) 565-2649,  Fax: (250) 565-2640

Northern Health is split into three operational area: the Northeast, Northern Interior, and Northwest. To contact the health centres in specific communities, please click on the links below.