Getting Charter rights right

The BCCLA has been in court a LOT over the past several years. We’ve launched challenges to the prohibition on physician assisted dying, indefinite solitary confinement and second-class citizenship, and […]

Can we hold you for a while?

Yesterday, BCCLA Counsel Carmen Cheung appeared before the House of Commons Committee on Public Safety and National Security to present the BCCLA’s position on Bill C-17, legislation seeking to resurrect […]

Secret documents, secret review

Yesterday, a detainee document agreement was struck between Government and two of three Opposition parties. The “pact” comes a full month and a half after Peter Milliken, Speaker of the […]

Not my job (redux)

The BCCLA National Security blog is posting from sunny Ottawa today, where we finished up the last of the MPCC witnesses until hearings resume again in mid-June.  Carmen Cheung, Counsel […]

This week at the MPCC

The Afghanistan Public Interest Hearings at the Military Police Complaints Commission continue this week before a month-long break while the Commission waits for the government to make the required document […]

Parliament: 1 / Government: 0

In a precedent-setting decision this afternoon, House of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken ruled that the government could be compelled to disclose to Parliament uncensored copies of documents relating to the transfer […]

Photo of the day: Empty chairs (UPDATED)

Empty chairs, courtesy CBC Conservative MPs boycotted the Tuesday emergency meeting of the parliamentary committee looking into allegations that Canadian Forces transferred Afghan detainees to torture. The seven Conservative MPs […]